I have been asked numerous times why I decided to start this business. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have a passion for hair and asthetics. It was a bit of a journey to find the right 'fit' for myself. After graduation, I worked in various salons as a stylist, hair and make-up artist and general cosmetologist. My husband and I have briefly entertained the idea of starting a business in a second location. We wanted to explore the world's cultures with party packages for any occasion but wanted to focus on pampering the senses, body and soul of our clients. Bringing happiness was what I ultimately decided was best for me and what I wanted to do. The Spa Party experience is a unique concept in developing self awareness for the younger clients as well as pampering the senses of all our clients. It is also my intention to instill the peace of mind of having an experienced licensed professional in all areas performing and supervising the services.

Birikit Schaefer Creative Director and Founder