RENTAL - DELIVERY ALL our packages are included 10 of your colors of a choice nail polish and removers.
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    Chocolate facial
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    Wear your favorite pajamas!
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We plan our party packages for any occasion. We focus on pampering the senses, body and soul and bringing happiness in a stress free environment. Book one of our outstanding spa experiences today!!

Summer Camp 2023
Ages 5 and up for girls camp
3 Days Camp $225
  • Hours 10 Am - 1 Pm
  • Monday - Wednesday - Friday
  • Snacks Included
  • DIY Bring your Sewing Machine
5 Days Camp $299
  • Hours 10 Am - 1 Pm
  • Monday Through Friday
  • Includes Fabric and items needed for the camp with snacks & last day party launch pizza and drink.

Kids Spa & Beauty Care Sewing/Knitting classes

For kids in Marietta Area

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